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Miriam Grob, PhD, Certified Coach

About Miriam Grob

Over the last 33 years, Miriam has been an active rider and vaulter. She started her career in high school, volunteering for a German non-profit society that made horseback riding and vaulting lessons feasible for children with disabilities.

In 1991, Miriam certified as a horseback riding, vaulting, and therapeutic riding instructor and her responsibilities in the German non-profit society developed towards head instructor and board member for the following 9 years.

After finishing her PhD in applied analytical chemistry in 2000, Miriam moved to Vancouver to start a position as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia. Parallel to her career in chemistry, Miriam followed her passion for teaching and horses and pursued her long term goal - to found All Inclusive Horsemanship.

During the next 10 years Miriam worked as a researcher at the University of British Columbia, became a mother, and obtained the following certifications:

  • Provincial Instructor Diploma

  • Equine Canada Coach 1

  • North American Riding for the Handicapped Association certified instructor through reciprocity

  • Equestrian Vaulting Association of BC Provincial Coach

In July 2010, after years of dedication and hard work, Miriam officially founded All Inclusive Horsemanship.

About All Inclusive Horsemanship

All Inclusive Horsemanship was founded in June 2010 under the guidance and support of the government funded New Ventures Network program. The business advisor committee of this program granted All Inclusive Horsemanship the award for the best business plan.

All Inclusive Horsemanship’s equestrian program specializes in vaulting, and aims to include everybody with a love of horses. The program started at Thistle Stables in Southlands, Vancouver. The owner of Thistle Stables, Kristina Heiss, generously provided training space, access to her horses, and inspiration as an active vaulter herself. At Thistle Stables, All Inclusive Horsemanship’s vaulting club, the Airborn Vaulters, grew in numbers, had many fun practices and a successful 2010 show season.

In February 2011, the program expanded to the Richmond community. Kelly Hambleton, owner of the Academy at Richmond Stables, and Karen Pavicic, owner of Centerline Stables, are additional hosts of the school’s equestrian program. Richmond Stables and Centerline Stables both provide indoor training space and enabled All Inclusive Horsemanship to offera weatherproof, year-round program.

Several enthusiastic adults assist All Inclusive Horsemanship’s coaches with vaulting and riding lessons and earn Club Credits in return. Club Credits are valid for lessons with a certified instructor. We are always open to welcome more talented equestrians that seek to earn Club Credits in exchange of their time. If you want to know more click the Club Credits button below.

Club Credits


All Inclusive Horsemanship holds responsibility, fairness, and respect as its three main values. We are responsible for our animals, fair to our teammates, and show respect to each other when performing together in a small space, on the back of our vaulting horse.

At All Inclusive Horsemanship’s students learn in a playful and creative environment. Life skills improve and problems are solved based on a developmental approach, which is sensitive to the needs of each student.

Trust and character are nourished, and allow our young learners to develop into innovative horsemen.


“I was referred by my chiropractor to Miriam Grob at All Inclusive Horsemanship to further my rehabilitation following a serious hip and leg injury several years earlier. In a very short period of time, Miriam’s program resulted in a noticeable improvement in my balance, coordination and confidence. Her client’s well-being, safety and success are of utmost concern for her and I would recommend her program without reservation.”
~ Ann Vandrick

“Being on the horse at All Inclusive Horsemanship was such a thrill and unexpected joy. As I didn't have any previous experience, I was a bit afraid prior to actually starting my ride. Miriam has made it so safe and interesting for me and my daughter. I have reconnected with my inner child and became much happier because of it. Thank you Miriam for creating such an amazing opportunity."
~ Laura Aslan

“I returned to riding after an 8 year break. Miriam, my instructor and was really great in helping me regain my riding skills and confidence. She has great knowledge, is fun, relaxed and really passionate and real about what she does. I would highly recommend her as a coach and look forward to developing my riding skills further with her help.”
~ Anna McLean

"As a yoga teacher I know how challenging it can be to keep the mind present and focused, and harder still to teach this. Yet, the combination of Miriam's help to feel really comfortable on horseback after many years away, along with the presence of mind required to balance on Fresco, to tune into his movements, and to listen to my own body had me calm, clear, and peaceful in just one session. I can tell you right away that being on horseback is something that will help to deepen and ground my own practice and that I'll be very excited to share with my own yoga students looking to bring calm presence into life whether just beginning on their path of mindfulness, or looking to deepen their connection."
~ Sarah

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