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Miriam Grob, PhD, Certified Coach

Airborn Vaulters Team 2010

Left to right, top to bottom:
Chloe, Ava, Kristen, Elizabeth, Daniella, Ceilidh, Coach Miriam, Horse: McDougal


All Inclusive Horsemanship specializes in vaulting and therapeutic riding and also offers a broad range of equestrian activities.

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Vaulting is a multiple opportunity sport involving horses, teamwork, and artistic expression all in one. In vaulting you learn how to freely move on the back of a horse, a skill leaving you with great balance and confidence. Vaulters learn to dismount safely from any position in preparation for mounted exercises. Some of our horseback riding students take vaulting lessons to benefit their riding seat, develop independent use of hands, and to practice safe dismount techniques needed for regular riding, if the horse bucks or bolts. Horse lovers new to the equestrian sport will see vaulting as an inexpensive opportunity to get involved with horses. Our vaulting horses are professionally controlled, well behaved, and our instructors are welcoming and encouraging.

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Pony Rides

All Inclusive Horsemanship offers 20 min walks on horseback for our youngest (2-5 years old). Horses are led by a certified coach and a minimum of one adult is required to accompany the walk.

Birthday Parties

Share an hour with your friends and family on your special day, riding calm, safe, and professionally guided horses. A furnished lounge is available on request for activities such as cake and present opening.

School Field Trips

Both Vancouver and Richmond school boards support All Inclusive Horsemanship’s pony ride school field trips. Teachers, students, and parent volunteers travel to Richmond. The stables offer a genuine experience in a natural environment featuring indoor and outdoor riding rings plus a heated lounge for classroom settings. Pony rides are guided by two adults per pony and overseen by a certified equestrian coach. The ponies that have been selected are chosen for their ability to provide calm safe rides for the children. Students will learn the rider’s seat position, basic commands to control a pony at the walk and experience what makes horses so special. All Inclusive Horsemanship offers the following field trip topics:

Pony Rides and Science
This field trip combines riding ponies with hands-on science activities that engage students in investigations that connect the ponies they ride to other living things and the environment. So far, topics are designed for Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 and are focused on the Life Science curriculum. Older grades will be able to join this program soon.

Easter Pony Rides
This field trip combines riding ponies with an easter egg hunt on horseback. A great way to celebrate this special time of the year at school.

Halloween Pony Rides
This field trip combines riding ponies with a mysterious Halloween story. After riding the ponies, children sip a hot chocolate while listening to our Halloween storyteller. At the end every rider takes their very own pumpkin home.

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Equine assisted therapy has many benefits. Students experience physical, emotional, and psychological rewards. Our therapeutic riding program is designed for clients with disabilities. We custom fit each lesson to the special needs of each student after consulting with family doctors and physiotherapists. It is our goal to integrate and facilitate everybody interested in horses. That is what our company’s name stands for.

Our specialties are integrative group based activities, which often involve the whole family. In our family programs mom, dad, and siblings join the session. Our vaulting horses, which are specially trained for this, carry two or three family members at the same time through various activities and exercises. The success formula is to benefit from the context of a family setting in which it has been proven that development and learning is optimal.

Our therapy sessions qualify for funding by the Ministry of Children and Family.

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All Inclusive Horsemanship’s riding program for students 6 years and older follow the newly developed Equine Canada rider 1-10 program (

We are certified to assess our students up to rider level 4 and will accommodate higher certification for our intermediate clients with outside evaluators.





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Just like Yoga on Horseback

Yoga is known as a grounding and relaxing activity. You can bring your yoga experience to another dimension when mounted on our vaulting horses. Our vaulting horses move you gently at the walk while you assume various positions, e.g. child pose, pigeon and downward facing dog. The horse's movement reminds you at any moment to stay present and connected to your breath and body. Smells of nature that flush your nose in a farm environment ease your spirit and bring you to an even deeper space of relaxation.





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Horse Training and Purchase

We offer professional training of all horse breeds. Our specialty is lunging and long-reining of horses that show problems with their behaviour, either when handled under the saddle or on the ground. Our winning formula is 21 years of experience with training horses for equestrian vaulting.

We also offer professional assessment of horses for sale to find a suitable match for our clients that choose to purchase a horse.




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